Signature Cocktails in Soho

The Alfonso


Another classic from Harry Craddock’s The Savoy Cocktail Book, updated by Gary Regan. The original recipe calls for Dubonnet Rouge, but any red tonic wine will do. Likewise, Champagne is specified in the original, but you can use any sparkling wine you like.

The Alfonso was invented before the modern craze for cocktail bitters, but it’s a great way to play with new and strange bitters. Go nuts! Peach and orange bitters are nice, and chocolate bitters make it absolutely fabulous.

It’s traditional to prepare the Alfonso by soaking a sugar cube in bitters before adding the other ingredients. It’s very pretty, but if you only have granulated sugar or simple syrup, those will do just fine.


Place the sugar cube (or sugar, or simple syrup) in the champagne flute and soak with bitters. Top with the remaining ingredients in the order given, and garnish with a lemon twist.


1 Sugar cube

or Granulated sugar or
Simple syrup

2 dashes Aromatic bitters
or Creole bitters or Peach bitters or Orange bitters or Chocolate bitters
1 part
Red wine apéritif
4 parts
chilled Sparkling white wine or Sparkling rosé wine